Signing Up
Once you buy a subscription, you will get an email that will include the links to download your software and also further instructions on how to set up the platform.
You should have received a link to download MarketXLS and a license key in the email.
If you purchased the real-time or premium data plan - you need to sign the exchange agreements that have been sent as a link in the same email.
Once you have signed/submitted those, continue to the next step.

Before any exchange agreement is signed you need to make sure Excel is complete closed

For every customer, we offer one hour of free onboarding calls. Sign up on
In this call, we will assist you with downloading MXLS and any other questions that you have.
You do have to pay to use other templates. We offer many more templates for you to use while investing. These are priced competitively. The prices and details can be found here
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